The Natural Citizen

Our Story

Our founders Angela and Nadia are health food industry veterans, who have witnessed firsthand the very best and the absolute worst decisions about what goes into our food.

When Angela decided to get pregnant and start a family, she realized she had a problem. As a daily protein smoothie drinker, which health food company was she going to trust to provide her with clean, honest supplements like protein powders and greens while pregnant? Taking a chance is one thing when it involves your personal health, but when it involves the health of your child, it’s time to wake up, blend a smoothie and do some research.

So, she called up Nadia, a regulatory and compliance lawyer and one of the most passionate people Angela ever had the pleasure of working with. She knew that Nadia’s quality standards exceeded even her own, plus Nadia shared Angela’s interest in healthy food and wellness. The two of them combed through the products on the market and determined nothing was quite good enough – they could do better!

The light bulb went off, some sparks flew and Angela and Nadia had found their purpose: honest-to-goodness wellness that gives back to the body and the community. They would create high-quality, healthy products that nourish the body, and also help nourish the hungry with every purchase.

Angela and Nadia went straight to work and after several months of research, formulating, searching the globe for ingredients, scrutinizing farmers and suppliers, and testing and testing and testing some more – they came up with The Natural Citizen’s first line of organic, non-gmo, vegan, whole food smoothie boosters.

Angela and Nadia are committed to ensuring that every product from The Natural Citizen exceeds quality standards and is good enough that they are proud to blend it up for themselves and their families. Thank you for joining us on this adventure and helping us feed those in need -- and happy blending!



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